straight lines presentation

14 Sep 2014

I’m starting to put together presentations for A-level this year. I’m starting with Core 1 and creating materials to support the course. The aim is to create presentations with key examples and diagrams as a visual aid in lessons, rather than step-by-step notes for students to copy.


The presentation is a pdf and designed to be shown fullscreen. On Adobe Reader use ctrl + L (windows) or on Preview for Mac use cmd + shift + F.

The amount of information is minimal so that students must make their own notes and complete solutions to the examples.

The presentation can be printed from the following pdf:


The plan is to create a resources section on the website to store all the materials for A-level as they’re created, so make sure to keep checking back.


The presentation is made using the Beamer class for . It is based on the Stolkholm Theme by Mark Olson which in turn is based on the HSRM theme by Benjamin Weiss. The diagrams are created using a package called TikZ and then animated using Beamer’s overlays.