the pirate game

12 Jul 2014

I first came across The Pirate Game a couple of years ago when a colleague recommended it as an end of term activity. Since then it’s been a firm favourite with classes as an end of term activity. The game I have used was created by Paul Collins and is available on the TES website.

There is nothing that I would change about the game itself, but when playing it with classes we always struggle to select random squares when no one is on the “choose the next square” list. So as a little project to learn how to write macros in Excel I created the following spreadsheet to accompany the game.


I plan to try it out with a class next week, so there may still be some bugs to iron out. Enjoy The Pirate Game.

EDIT - selecting the next square

Unfortunately the dialogue box that appears for ‘choose next square’ gives the incorrect coordinates, but it does work correctly if you just click on the required square in the grid and hit ‘OK’ (there’s no need to type in the coordinates).