number reasoning

14 September 2015

a resource for practising a common type of exam question


equivalent fractions

31 December 2014

some diagrams to demonstrate equivalent fractions

magic names

29 November 2014

just a quick starter, but a nice discussion point

reverses investigation

23 November 2014

practise column addition and subtraction with this lovely investigation

straight lines presentation

14 September 2014

presentation with diagrams and examples for the start of coordinate geometry

daily starter

06 September 2014

an (almost) instant starter activity

bar charts afl

31 August 2014

an afl activity for KS3 data handling

the reindeer game

14 July 2014

a quick follow on from the previous post with a spreadsheet for the reindeer game

the pirate game

12 July 2014

it's the end of term and time for the pirate game

adding and subtracting negative numbers

21 April 2014

a method for explaining how to add and subtract negative numbers, leading to subtracting negative quantities

negative numbers afl

09 March 2014

a game to assess students' understanding of negative amounts of money

square numbers challenge

25 February 2014

a short post with details of an extension task for square numbers

rectangles investigation

21 February 2014

a rich investigation with links between number, geometry and algebra

vector equation of a line

20 February 2014

define the vector equation of a line with Usain Bolt

substitution bingo

26 January 2014

a lesson for practising substitution without worksheets or textbooks


ordering decimals lesson

28 December 2013

activity for ordering decimals which has a large amount of literacy


07 December 2013

create flexagons as a tool for AfL in lessons

hello world

01 December 2013

welcome to the site